Rule Delegation to Business User

It is very common in any business that there might be change required in certain business policies. If during requirement phase, we have an understanding that certain business data has potential to get change then we should be designing it such a way that it is easier for business user to make the change by themselves with no or little help from IT personal.

Rule delegation is such feature which allow business user to make the update to the existing rule. In most cases it is the data which business user is interested in changing.

Let’s take an example of a Loan application where loan can be applied for Auto, Home and Personal.

Now the interest rates for any of three loan types can change based on market or government regulations.

Let us assume that a decision table is implemented to maintain these interest rates.


Below are the steps which can be referred for delegating a rule.

Step 1 – Enable Production RuleSet and Business User

Step 1.1 – Create Production Ruleset

When business user wants to make change to a particular rule, he/she would need a unlocked ruleset for keeping the modified rule.

This ruleset is called Production ruleset. This ruleset should be included in user’s Access Group rule as below.


When you add production rule in Access Group, make sure that this ruleset is configured in Application rule as well as below.


If there are more then 1 users who can change the rule than it would be recommended that “Use check out?” option is enabled on the ruleset. This would ensure that changes are not overwritten.


Step 1.2 – Enable Business User’s operator id for rule check out

Users who would be making updates to the rule in production, need to have rule check out ability configured in their operator id. So we have enabled the ruleset in previous step now we are enabling the business user.


Step 2 – Create shortcut for the delegated rule

Business User need to access the rule in User portal for them to make the change to the user. How we do that is below.

Step 2.1 Save copy of the identified rule in Production ruleset created in step 1.


Step 2.2 – Create shortcut for the saved copy (in Production RuleSet) of the rule

Once copy of the identified rule is saved in production ruleset, we can create a shortcut for the rule. Business user will access the delegated rule through this shortcut. we can create the shortcut in below 2 ways.

  • Use “Delegate” option from Action menu on Rule form
  • Use “Add to Favorites” from Action menu on Rule form

Step 2.2.1 – Use “Delegate” option from “Action” menu on Rule form


When you click on “Delegate” option, below pop up shows up. You can specify the access group of users who are authorized to make updates. Give it a title which will show up in user portal for this rule.


Business user can access delegated rule from user portal as shown below. they can click on “Edit” button and can make required updates as shown below.



Step 2.2.1 – Use “Delegate” option from “Action” menu on Rule form


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