Data Pages


Before we understand what are Data Pages, we need to first understand what is data model.

In simplest terms, Data Model is structure of objects or entities which any Application uses throughout its processing.

For example, in a Payroll Application we can consider Employee as an object or Salary as an object.

Now we need to understand what is a Data Page in the context of Data Model.

Data Pages concept is primarily developed to make Application data available in memory (clipboard) at runtime and eliminate the need to do the round trip to database.

We need to know what are the benefit of making certain data objects available at runtime.

Let’s try to list them here

  • If we need certain data at some specific point in process then it will not be a good idea to keep that data inside the work object and unnecessarily carry it throughout the process.
  • From performance reasons we would not like to make the database call to retrieve certain data if we know that we need that particular data very frequently

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